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I’ve discovered golf game on mobile playing Golf Clash on my Android phone. My opinion about this game was quite good so I’ve decided to look more into which golf games the app store had in stock I have not included Golf Clash in this Top as I’ve talk about it in a recent article and we all know that it’s a great golf game with a lot of fun. this Top 5 Golf game focuses on various types of golf game available on IOS and Android, from the old school retro design to a more realistic approach. We have golf game for all taste.

5. Wizard Golf RPG (Chris Zukowski)

Wizard Golf RPG is an interesting mix of a traditional Top-View Dungeon Crawler with the rules of a Golf Game. It kinda feels like the mini golf courses in Mario Golf 64, where you just used the putter to roll the ball, and you had to bounce it against walls at the right angle to succeed in getting a par.

In this game, you play as a magician, who can transform in a blue energy ball. The control is pretty simple, you just need to tap in the direction you want the ball to go, and then tap on the ‘magic wand’ icon on the lower right part of the screen. A green power bar will appear, and when you tap on the icon again, the shot will be made. Just be careful about running into obstacles, and take into account that if the energy ball passes over grass areas, it will lose speed.

There are also levels with rivers and lakes, where you have to avoid getting a ‘water hazard’ The overall objective of the game is the same as in Golf, reach the goal in as few moves as possible.

Now, what are the Role Playing elements in this title? First, you’re able to battle against enemies in the courses. At first you’ll find classic jelly-like creatures, obviously inspired by old school RPGs like Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire. You can also collect crystals that work as the game currency, to buy more of the game features, and if you manage to break some skulls hidden in some areas, you’ll unlock more fields to play in.

The overall idea behind Wizard Golf RPG is pretty original and worth trying. The mix of this sport with a Retro Dungeon Crawler, along with colorful 16-Bits graphics, and easy to learn / hard to master gameplay, make it a worthwhile for both golf players and casual users looking for something that entertains them for a while. Unfortunately, only available on IOS.

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4. Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf (DotEmu)

Neo Turf Masters came out back in 1996 for the Neo-Geo Coin-Op system. It’s a perfect port of that classic game with a few extras. This app features a few re-done graphics and touch friendly gameplay, but overall is basically the same experience as the original Arcade.

This is a paid app that you can get for the low price of $2.99, is a must buy for retro gamers that enjoyed it when it first came out and want it on the go. With 72 holes to play in 4 different courses over the whole world, it should keep you very busy trying to best the best in each competition.

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3. Nice Shot Golf (NetMarble Games)

This is the first 3D game of this list, and really makes use of the graphics by letting you drag the landing area of your ball with your finger where you want. Of course you have to take into consideration the wind speed and be accurate when setting your shot power.

Customise your character in Nice Shots Golf

There’s a lot of character customization here. You can equip your player with different costumes and accesories that boost stats such as shot distance, control and putting accuracy. There’s even a story to make playing in tournaments more interesting. Besides just trying to beat each hole with as few points as possible, there are extra achievements to make things more interesting. Like landing the ball on a bunker or getting it in a specific island of the course. This gives the game replay value, and by beating this challenges you can get currency to buy more powerful equipment, and also items that boost your stats for a single turn.

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2. Eagle Fantasy Golf (Aiming Global)

This title is based in a popular OnLine golf game called « PangYa« , which is Anime inspired and doesn’t take itself so seriously, adding funny characters, cartoony courses and cute characters. When taking your shot you have full control over the camera movement to make sure you send your ball flying where you want, and you can even drag your finger rapidly over a ball icon to make it spin while in mid-air, controlling its trajectory.

Here you can play Tournaments and see how you end up in stroke play at the end of 18 holes, or play a match against another golfer, which is a point-based contest where you’ll try to win each hole by itself, and at the end of 9 holes whoever won more single plays is the total winner.

There’s also a « Legendary Golfer » mode that mixes many courses and match types, giving you specific conditions you have to meet to beat the stage, making things way more interesting than just playing for a Par. Also, in normal courses you’ll see huge pink rings, and if you pass your shot though them you’ll earn currency to play « costume lotto », a fun way to get equipment for your character. And you can even use clothing you no longer wear and fuse its power with your main costume, to make it more powerful.

The graphics and animation are pretty good, and you can see cool flashing lights and special effects when you hit the ball. Although sometimes the players seem to be a little stiff and not as expressive, but the character portraits and dialogs are pretty good, and can get you interested in the story.

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1. Golf Star (Com2uS)

The perfect mix of casual and hardcore gaming. The controls are really intuitive and you’ll be making perfect shots in no time. The graphics here are really good, and while not on the level of quality of Console PGA Tour titles, it looks great for a mobile game, with courses you could believe that exist.

Moving the camera around is really easy and you can zoom in and out of the desired landing area of the ball smoothly. Characters don’t look as realistic, but there are many special effects when you hit the ball and while is traveling in the air to make a very worthwhile visual experience.

At first you create a character, and are given lots of options to customize your golfer just as you want. You can level up by playing to get stronger and have more control over the ball, and you can also buy equipment to help you boost your stats, such as gloves that make you stronger for longer shots, or more accurate while putting. Besides playing in tournaments, you have a few achievements you can beat to gain experience in each hole. Stuff like a « Nice Approach » or a « Perfect Shot » earn you EXP so you can get better and better at the game.

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